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Body Ecology

Speaking Engagements

For the past fifteen years I've dedicated my personal and professional life to teaching others how to create a healthy home and body; through the authentic art and science of Feng Shui and the Body Ecology System of Health and Healing.  


I’m a Feng Shui Master trained in two schools of Feng Shui;  Instinctive and Compass.  I combine both approaches when working with my clients, to insure you receive the best recommendations to raise the energy vibration in your homes and businesses. Once this is achieved my clients have seen remarkable changes in their lives in relationships, work successes, wealth creation and/or improved health! 


I’m a Body Ecology Coach consulting with you on how to use very effective body ecology principles to create better inner health and wellbeing.


I use a variety of methods to teach how these principles ultimately affect your environment, body, mind and spirit in simple and complex ways.  I provide practical and easy to implement Feng Shui and Body Ecology enhancements, tips and techniques to enrich your living, work and inner spaces by attuning you to the laws of nature.  I love sharing tools and resources I am using in my own life. 


I’ve had the great pleasure of working with wonderful clients throughout the Bay Area of San Francisco before moving to Colorado.   My husband and I now reside in Lafayette, Colorado which is just outside of Boulder and a short distance from Denver.  You can read more on my testimonial page regarding my consultations and classes.  I am so happy to have an ongoing relationship and continue to serve their Feng Shui needs remotely.  


 I received certification from Denise Linn’s School of Intuitive Feng Shui in 2005 and Lillian Too’s Institute in Malaysia in 2008. I received certification from Donna Gates; the creator of Body Ecology, in 2005.  


*I work on-site and remotely in residential and business properties.  

*I provide health and nutritional consultation

*I teach customized retreats, workshops and online courses.

*I provide speaking engagements to diversified audiences. 

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