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Body Ecology Consultation

Want To Take The Next Step And Really Improve Your Health?


If you are frustrated because you feel like you have spent so much and tried so many diets already … if you truly want to be healthy and prevent disease … or if you just want to augment your current diet or therapies with natural methods…you’ve  come to the right place!


Whether you are looking to lose weight, build energy, balance your immune system, or restore your digestive health, as a Certified Body Ecologist, handpicked by Donna Gates, I will guide you through our world-renowned system of healing, create a program and meal plan addressing your individualized  concerns and provide the information and support structure you need to see results!


Schedule a telephone consultation with me:

  • 1 hour Initial consultation (without gene report): $150

  • 20 minute follow up: $75

  • 20 minute follow up: $125

All those who purchase consultations with me receive 20% off their first order from Body Ecology!   All consultations are recorded for your reference!

Is it necessary to have read The Body Ecology Diet before scheduling a consultation?

No. While Donna and myself prefer to do consultations with those who are familiar with her book “The Body Ecology Diet,” I will also counsel individuals who need to be supported or encouraged from the very start.

What information about myself do I have to provide prior to my consultation?

I will supply a consultation form focusing on key information that I will need in order to recommend a program tailored to your health needs.

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