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  "Sheree, I just want to thank you so much for your Feng Shui help on my entire house remodel. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you. A well respected local Palo Alto real estate agent gave me your name as someone I should meet with to make sure our remodel had good Feng Shui. From the moment you walked up to my house, I felt so comfortable with you and felt so good about our working together. You were able to help me so much with your wonderful suggestions and ideas. I really appreciate the way you listened to what I had to say and you always gave me such wonderful and helpful feedback. I only wish I had known you sooner in the project so I could have had you on board from the very beginning. Your Feng Shui design advice would have been invaluable to me when I was working on the floor plan of the house with the designer. I met with many people for their help on my house but I was most comfortable with you and your style of giving straight forward answers that I could understand and apply to my project. I was thrilled with our time together. You made me feel as if I had known you forever! Thank you so much for your time and help"
Palo Alto, CA 

"Sheree Zink is one of the "Most" Fascinating & Talented Women I have EVER Had the Pleasure to Work with. Not only are her Many Years of Training & Experience in Feng Shui "Superbly Intertwined" with her "Business Savvy" - Sheree is also a "Very Gifted" Intuitive. She blends her "Diverse Background" in Spiritual Studies along with her Intuition about "People" & can "REALLY" Tune-In to YOU as a "Person." Sheree gets a true sense of what YOU Are all about - Personalizing the Experience like no other. If you are working with Sheree on "Health or Nutritional" needs she looks at the "Body as a WHOLE" a sort of "Feng Shui for The Body" approach! How SOOOOO Many Talents can be available in ONE Individual is Only understood by "The Divine!"
San Francisco, CA 

"Sheree Zink really helped me create a home that feels harmonious, nurturing and beautiful. She has access to the best resources and I have been SO happy with all of her recommendations; everything from beautiful water fountains to Tibetan incense to carefully places fresh flowers (chrysanthemums and roses) which I now have all the time in my home. I have cleared out so much clutter (and I am a minimalist already) and now have only things in our home that bring us joy. I feel every room in our home has been intentionally created and the experience is one of order and flow. Sheree is also very available for questions anytime and it is a good feeling to know I have a partner in the creation and design of my home. Although Sheree is leaving the SF Bay Area and moving to another state, she has assured me that she will always be there to field questions and/or continue our work together. Thank God for the technology to make this so!"
San Francisco, CA

"Sheree and I first met 5 years ago. I was very eager to maximize the correct Feng Shui in my rental home and when I found out about Sheree's Feng Shui consultations, I jumped at the chance of working with her.  Sheree made this new experience for me very pleasant. She was extremely attentive in what I wanted and she took time to educate me on Chinese astrology and what Chinese animal myself, my husband and my children are and how this affects what directions and even colors are naturally suited to us.  I was really impressed with how Sheree took all of this information as well as the floor plan and gave us recommendations on how to create a space that would allow each family member to thrive and bring greater health, wealth and success into our lives.  When we bought our current home, I immediately contacted Sheree and asked her for all her Feng Shui recommendations before we carried out any remodelling. Her advice and suggestions were all spot on and we believe that she has been instrumental in creating a wonderful home for us.  Sheree has over the years also provided me with advice on health, wellness and abundance which have all been invaluable.  I am so proud to call her my dear friend and I look forward to working together for many years to come. "
Los Altos, CA

"Working with Sheree created a space of possibilities for the Centers of Spiritual Development in Downtown San Francisco. Sheree magically went to work in delivering a pure, calm and intuitive healing space to welcome ALL. She gave me guidance in the placement of important physical tools to enhance the space. Sheree was also able to tap into the spirit realm with guidance on how to move forward with clarity and confidence. Thank YOU Sheree, you have deeply contributed to my life and all that visit the New and Empowered center with your guidance and love. Blessings to you and your contributions to building a planet of sacred Harmony with your extraordinary feng shui skills."
San Francisco, CA

"I’m so lucky to have Sheree come in and look at the feng shui of my place of business! She is such a beautiful and lovely soul. She finds out your birthday and then makes sure every quadrant in every room, and every part of the building is the right look and feel. Sheree spends time considering the colors used, the five elements like water, metal, earth, fire or wood, and specifically addressing your desires for what you want to attract whether it is wealth, health, success, relationships she knows exactly how to magnetize that energy to you. After she finds out what you want she even has you print out or find the blueprint of your house to make the best of it all. That is how thorough she is. After her examination she has ideas, suggestions that she recommends you to find the perfect match. My year is the horse year so she made sure there were fire elements on my south side to really draw in the wealth and fame into my business! I’m so excited for this new year to come! The best feng shui masters make changes to your place every year because the numbers change every year… and she is one of the best so that’s what she does. She is the kindest, loving, warming heartful soul that I’ve worked with and it was such a pleasure."
Pleasanton, CA

"It is a pleasure working with and learning from Sheree. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She put great effort and heart into preparing and providing the best Feng Shui analysis for me personally (and for my son) as well as for my space. My experience with Sheree was like spending time with a good friend where you feel that she genuinely cares and wants to ensure all your questions are answered and you are comfortable with the information. I learned more in our time spent than in any books I read and felt like a had a personal teacher. I would happily recommend Sheree to all my friends and family and look forward to connecting with her again."
Livermore, CA

"Sheree’s class was very eye opening. I’ve dabbled in lots of Feng Shui books on my own, but it was nice to have a professional spell out the differences between the traditional art of Feng Shui dating back thousands of years versus the western style of Feng Shui. Sheree introduces a little bit of both schools with her main focus on traditional teachings using a compass and shares lots of hands on tools and cures in the class. This class also gave me exposure to higher levels of Feng Shui that were all new to me, opening the doors into further study. Sheree is very enthusiastic and insightful; her class was a great experience for me!"
Livermore, CA

"Sheree is a dear friend of mine, so when she offered to do a Feng Shui consultation in my condo, I was thrilled and jumped at the opportunity to learn from someone who I trust so much. I had been struggling in the relationship department for years. Eight years to be exact. I dated but they never seemed to call after one or two dates and I felt perpetually single/ I was lonely and really wanted to change that dynamic in my life. One of the very first things Sheree did when she came over was take down some art work I had placed directly across from my couch and I had been staring at for far too long! They were two vintage advertisements for some kind of alcoholic drink. That didn’t matter. What mattered was that each of them had an image of a single woman and I was staring at it daily! Sheree taught me that it was not supporting my true desire to be in a relationship by having something so opposite in my home environment. It was less that two weeks that I fell in love!"
Bay Area of San Francisco

"Sheree was fantastic! She was able to come to our home on very short notice and help my husband and I work on color schemes both the exterior and interior of our home. What most impressed us, was her ability to take our lead on what we were leaning towards and work with us. She was able to give us her insights and suggestions in a manner that was professional and did not involve what “she wanted,” but rather what felt right given our environment and personal preference. Needless to say, our home looks and feels great! Thank you Sheree!"
Castro Valley, CA

"Sheree, with compassion, wisdom and integrity, will show you how we subconsciously create disharmony in our lives through our home’s floor plan, use of color, furniture placement and structural design. Feng Shui methods will improve our health, environment and well being. Sheree will bring forth practical information to create complete harmony; spiritually, emotionally/mentally and physically in your life. Sheree created a “glowing” in my life which reveals itself daily. Thank you Sheree!"
-Dr. R. G. McLellan
Atlanta, GA

"Sheree taught a very educational Feng Shui class at Livermore Community Education as well as followup advise and consultation in our home. In the East Bay of San Francisco, we are lucky to have her presence. Her professionalism, passion, experience and knowledge turned a few sessions into an enlightening Feng Shui experience. I have self taught all the material for years, but she was able to answer all my questions. It is a pleasure to know Sheree. I will be honored to be a referencer for any and all of her services. Thanks to Sheree, I have first hand experience with what a big difference even the small changes can make in Feng Shui."
Always Grateful
Pleasanton, CA

"Sheree Zink is my "go to girl" for peace and harmony in my life and wealth and health too. My first experience with Feng Shui was about twenty years ago. Back then no one had even heard of it much less understood it. I was so eager to learn and do all that I could to help my situation at that time. I had been introduced to the western way of Feng Shui which is entirely different from what I now practice! I met Sheree about six years ago at one of her classes that I found with a friend. I was so excited to finally see a consultant in my area offering classes!!! Initially, I was very confused with Sheree's style of Feng Shui utilizing the compass and directions and I could not get it, no way and no how! With her commitment and patience with me, I began to see the light! I now have embraced authentic Feng Shui wholeheartedly! A special thanks to Sheree for all that she has done for my family and I. I have a beautiful home and a great life thanks to Feng Shui and the wonderful Sheree! Namaste!"
Livermore, CA

"Wow, what can I say other than Thank you Sheree for changing my life in the best way ever!!! I was really looking for my soulmate and Sheree helped me achieve my goal! Sheree really took the time to explain to me in detail why Feng Shui for my year would help me find the love of my life. She went thru every inch of my home and made sure I was covered with all the Feng Shui symbolic items I needed to achieve my goal. After we got everything into place I needed within three weeks my man appeared out of nowhere and found me. Within four months we were living together and now its been eight months and we are engaged. I have never been happier! I truly believe in what Sheree advises and I am so grateful for her help!!!"
Los Angeles, CA

"Sheree is a phenomenal Feng Shui consultant. I have lived in three homes over the last three years and she has helped me with setting up my homes to allow for the best energy flow. When Sheree came to my home she looked at all the details, including my own individual Chinese astrology sign and path for the year of 2013. She was organized, took measurements in every room, answered all my questions, and explained why she was recommending changes and solutions to energy flow issues. She even recommended the placement of plants in my outdoor areas. She showed me how to place my furniture in my office, and where to place a fountain to attract more customers. This has made a difference in my success. My business has picked up since she helped me make the changes. She ordered Feng Shui objects for me and they were delivered to my front door. We also set up soul mate alters. I know the objects she recommended are powerful. As I was placing the phoenix and the dragon in the area of my home where she told me, I felt hot energy go through my body and my feet became very hot! After I set up the alters, I met several soul mates! Sheree was very sensitive to my needs, I learned a wealth of information, and I am forever grateful for her knowledge and expertise."
Concord, CA 

"I invited Sheree into our home for a Feng Shui Consultation.   Prior to our meeting I was feeling my energy drag as I was mired in clutter and mess.  My goals for making changes in my home were improved energy and a need to focus on my business ideas. She recommended the addition of new furniture and placement selections for my bedroom. She took the time to explain what changes I needed to make in my home to shift the energy into a positive, uplifting and supportive environment. After organizing my books, papers, art and teaching supplies, I noticed I was full of energy and ideas and I felt like a new person, even when the project was not yet complete! It’s like a fresh shower after a day of working in the garden.  My business ideas are flowing like a waterfall in Yosemite!  Now I am motivated to thoroughly clean everything, and purchase some new furniture and add some extra cures and final touches as well as complete a ceremony to set my intentions for health and wealth. It’s a miracle in action around here!  Thank you Sheree for your life changing ideas and recommendations.  You have revolutionized my home and my life! So much appreciate you!"
Pleasanton, CA

"Sheree is a wonderful Bright Light in the world! Sheree spoke at a Women's Conference I was having at our community hospital and she was able to speak at all levels, young and old about Feng Shui. She brought practicality and enthusiasm which motivated people to go home and to de clutter." Thanks,
-Laura RN
Washington Medical Center

"Sheree is an expert at what she does. I've been wanting to have a consultant to come to my house for Feng Shui and I'm so glad I found Sheree. Not only she is so knowledgeable, but she is very professional and detailed oriented. She is always so prompt to answer my questions and very passionate about Feng Shui, Sheree's personality is awesome. She is so positive and have a great energy all around her. It was important to me that I wouldn't get very overwhelmed with too much information and I didn't want to get too crazy and deep with Feng Shui, and she totally respected my approach and fit my needs. Thank you Sheree for helping with our home's energy! We all appreciate it!"
Livermore, CA 

"Sheree Zink is a true professional. Her knowledge and inspiration in Feng Shui guided me to make some major changes that have reaped positive results. Sheree listens well and formulates guidelines that are positive for all members of my household, and I can truly feel the difference. I look forward to our continued creative collaboration. Warm Regards, A Very Happy Client "
San Francisco, CA

"Sheree Zink is gifted with many arts and has truly found her niche with Feng Shui. My home was nearly an empty space when I invited Sheree to come and offer consultation. She was a definite value add in turning my home into the sanctuary it is today. I felt she was working from her higher self and was tapped into mutual intention for the expansion and improvement of the energy in and around my habitat. I'm very thankful for Sheree and her gifts."
San Leandro, CA

"I really enjoyed meeting Sheree. She is a delightful person and fun to be around! We did a lot of the Feng Shui work from my floor plan over the phone and by email before Sheree came to my home for a consultation. I really enjoy my beautiful Fu Dogs and the two Compassionate Buddha Plaques which Sheree recommended for me. These pieces mean something to me and are encouraging in and of themselves. I am so glad I was able to meet Sheree and work with her in my home before she moved to Colorado. "
El Cerrito, CA

"In 2015 I was introduced to Body Ecology products by Sheree Zink. Sheree is every knowledgeable about the products, and probiotics and how to heal with natural remedies. I found the products to be of great quality and I have really enjoyed the liquid minerals which I add to my daily 'tonic'. I also use the recipe for fermented vegetables, and my friends love each batch that I make and its flavor. Yay! Over the last year, Sheree has graciously helped me with many questions that I would have on a specific product or issue and helped me sort out the best solutions. Also, what I love about Sheree is that every so often, I will receive an email or text from her telling me about a good product she found or research she came across that she feels I would benefit from. I love that she thinks of me with this information! I highly recommend Sheree and the Body Ecology products."
Fremont, CA  

"In December of 2012 I made a "big" decision to complete my chapter of life in the corporate world at age 40. I had spent the last 5 years of my sales career living in a space of constant anxiety and surviving on 5 plus cups of coffee a day. Shortly after I had made this decision, I was clear that I needed to detox not only my physical body, but my mind and spirit, too. It was around that time when I was referred to Sheree for her home made cultured and fermented vegetables. Upon meeting with her, she shared with me about the Body Ecology Diet book by Donna Gates and how important a probiotics are to have in your daily food intake. I was inspired by what Sheree had shared, so I went home and ordered the Body Ecology Diet book. After reading it, I was further inspired and wanted to buy all the BED products right away. I was mindful of my old "jump into the latest fad" behavior, so I waited. I was coached by a good friend to pray and meditate on making the decision, as she knew I have been a constant "dieter" for most of my life, jumping from one diet to another. I took my friends advice, and spent a month to do some soul searching. The answer was consistent over the 4 weeks, so I ordered the Vitality Super Green, Spirulina, Ancient Minerals, Ocean Plant Extracts and Digestive Aid. I must say, I feel fantastic! I feel as though my body was so nutritionally deprived after 5 years of a diet on coffee, I am now getting what I need. I have the same amount of energy that I had while on coffee, so I am not missing it a bit (I gave up drinking coffee completely in May of 2013). My mind is more clear and I have an overall sense of wellness and good health. The measurable improvements I have observed are: 1) My nails are strong and not chipping and breaking anymore. They have grown back to their beautiful length (I have not seen that in over 5 years) and they stay strong with all the cleaning, dish washing and gardening I do. That is impressive! And without the use of nail strengtheners to help.
2) My hair is overall healthier. My hair is very fine and also thin, plus I get it highlighted, so it is quite fragile. About 4 years ago, I developed Thyroiditis, so a lot of my hair fell out. It was devastating, considering I don't have a lot in the first place. Now that I have been on the BED products and cultured veggies for 4.5 months, I am seeing new hair growth and my hair is much shinier and happier. I also try to follow the BED food combining recommendations the best I can, which has been helping to have a stronger digestive system. I am clear that I am no longer a lifelong "dieter" now that I have found a nutrition program that I can use for many years to come. Thank you Sheree and Donna for your wisdom and passion for strong health and wellness."  
Livermore, CA

"I completed the Body Ecology program earlier this year and it was the best gift I could have given myself. Through the process Sheree Zink was such a great support and source of knowledge, guiding me through every step of the way. I was so grateful to have her wisdom and experience with the program. She gave me really good tips on managing the highs and lows of detoxifying and also taught me how to make cultured vegetables, which I have now implemented in my daily diet. I recommend her coaching expertise to anyone who’s actively seeking to cleanse, to be full of energy, to have mental clarity, to have restful sleep, and learn how to nourish their body with healthy vibrant foods. I feel amazingly ‘alive’ and happier. Thank you Sheree and Body Ecology!!!"
Livermore, CA

"I am so glad that I took the Feng Shui class with Sheree! It has given me a better understanding of how to use the compass and confidence to apply my changes anywhere in my home. Thank you and God bless."
San Jose, CA

"Thank you so much Sheree for introducing me to the world of fermented vegetables. I already made my yogurts and kefir but your jars of Green Fennel Mint are simply amazing; first they taste great, then they really made a difference on my intestines, immune system and skin. I get so many compliments on my skin tone since I take them, and that's just the visible part of the iceberg!"
Sante Fe, NM

"My daughter was severely injured in Iraq in 2004. She stayed in the VA nursing home for 4 years With brain injury and a stroke She had a catheter for about 2 years and was subject to bladder infection all the time. The VA gave her a lot of antibiotic which destroyed the flora in her vagina.
Then when she came home we gave her Probiotic and Candida and Ultimate Flora, but nothing really helped, until we found the fermented veggies. She only took it a couple of weeks, to get rid of the problem. Now, she is infection free. She is on no supplements, anymore.
Thank You to the magic fermented veggies from Sheree."
Livermore, CA

"I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2010 and chose treatment with herbal tinctures coupled with a total revamp of my lifestyle and nutritional regime, as the prospect of filling my body with the toxic chemicals of conventional cancer treatments terrified me. The Body Ecology Diet and the support I got from Sheree Zink and Donna Gates accomplished this physical rehabilitation perfectly, along with a regular exercise regime. More importantly, I worked from the inside out to strengthen my soul and psyche with efforts to stay positive through gratitude, and through my spiritual practice of working with Light energy. With all this in place and working, my energy level went way up, my tumors began to shrink and I felt that the action of the herbal treatments was being greatly supported. I feel healthier and more vibrant than I have in decades! Body Ecology was instrumental in this process and Sheree guided me every step of the way. I have now been officially declared to be in remission by my medical practitioners as of October 31, 2012. Thank you Sheree and Body Ecology!"
San Francisco, CA
"I learned about the Body Ecology Diet from Sheree Zink and Donna Gates about a year ago at a David Wolfe conference. Donna and Sheree made sure I had all the books I needed and coached me as I began the process of healing my gut. This was not an easy change for me, but I wanted to heal my body of excess yeast. As I began changing my diet, I had many questions. Sheree lovingly coached me along the way, with new recipes, supplements, and education on how to heal the body with food. I learned to eat foods that make the body more alkaline. She even made fermented cabbage that I used to supplement my meals. After six weeks on the diet I lost eight pounds, and I found a lump on my right breast. I had Stage 1 breast cancer. After more research and investigation I realized that I was on the right diet to prevent the growth of cancer! I stayed on the diet for 3 months. As I went through surgery and radiation, I slowly began to add more foods to prevent weight loss but maintained the basic principles of the diet. I was sugar and wheat free with no cravings. I feel a great deal of gratitude for Sheree’s help, advice and guidance as I went through the most difficult time in my life. She was there right by my side every step of the way. I am now cancer free, with a healthy gut and I have the energy of a younger woman. I am also forever grateful to Donna Gates for the books and education she provides to so many people facing the same health issues I had. Love and Blessings to Sheree and Donna, amazing women who teach others how to heal themselves with food." 
Concord, CA

"Through use of the products of Body Ecology, I've considered myself "ahead of the game" when it comes to health consciousness. I believe that these products have enriched my present day quality of life, and will furthermore manifest as a long term benefit. Implementing products such as the Cocobiotic, cultured vegetables, nutrient smoothies with high quality fats, fruits and vegetables, daily minerals, etc have nourished my organs, kept my skin and hair looking healthy and youthful, and given me naturally inclined energy. Using these products as a college student kept me focused in my studies, and awarded me the strength to experience amazing opportunities by maintaining a well balanced brain function. I'd strongly recommend these easy to use products to anyone of any age if you are looking for a way to keep a healthy weight, clean and nourish your organs, and reach your body's ultimate potential." 
Portland, Oregon


"As a busy college student, it is sometimes difficult for me to take the time to prepare healthy, home cooked meals and get the right amount of sleep. However, doing things like taking the Body Ecology Vitality Supergreen capsules, Ancient Earth Minerals and drinking the Innergy Biotic Young Coconut Kefir, I am able to quickly and conveniently give my body what it needs. I know that by including these foods in my diet, I am assured of getting all of my essential nutrients in the form of fermented green vegetables, probiotics, essential fatty acids and microflora. While keeping such a busy pace during the day, I can easily take my capules and drink my probiotic liquid in the morning and know that it is working for me all day long. Whether it's from an early morning class, long hours spent at the library, or late night rehearsals, I know my body is running on the nutritious fuel that I am feeding it. It is also important to me to know that my brain is working at it's full potential and is receiving the nutrients that it needs to do so. I feel confident in knowing that these products are assisting my brain and body in maintaining optimum health and well being." 
Long Beach, CA

"Having had the opportunity to know and work with Sheree on so many aspects of my life has truly been a gift. She has been instrumental in designing a program for me based on the principles of The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. My digestive health has improved dramatically after having consultations with Sheree. She has shown me the path to a more natural lifestyle both physically and spiritually. Many of the drugs prescribed for me are no longer necessary. Recently, I have been using the Body Ecology Digestive Care Multi. I use the convenient packet of four capsules with each meal. I like to start my day with the Vitality Green Drink. Some days I have eggs with the Cultured Veggies Sheree prepares. It is a dynamic combination. Additionally, I often drink two ounces of the Body Ecology Innergy or Cocobiotic with a meal. It is such a refreshing drink and contributes to my digestive health. My doctors at the Iowa Digestive Disease Clinic are impressed with my blood work that is checked bi-annually. Sheree's knowledge, in many areas has made such a positive impact on my life that I am forever grateful."
Des Moines, IA

"I spent several hours learning Body Ecology fermentation techniques from Sheree. She is a delight to be with. Not only is she very knowledgeable about the Body Ecology System of Health and Healing, it is obvious that she practices what she teaches. Sheree is passionate about her work, caring and articulate in her presentation, calm, grounded and bright-eyed! I highly recommend Sheree! "
Los Altos, CA

"I am so very fortunate to have met Sheree. Anyone would benefit from her willingness to share and her caring and giving attitude. Sheree introduced me to Body Ecology and the many wonderful and helpful products. The minerals and the Ocean Plant Extract have been a god-send in helping me with my thyroid issue. I have not had to take any drugs thanks to all of Sheree's encouragement, knowledge and wisdom. She has an innate desire for helping people."
Sacramento, CA

"Praise to Sheree Zink! I met Sheree through a great friend of mine. My friend told me about the fermented vegetables. As soon as I tried them I was hooked. Not only are they delicious, they are amazingly essential for gut health. Sheree was sweet enough to have a workshop where she taught us how to make them. Sheree is also an outstanding Feng Shui expert! I miss having her in our city of Livermore. Boulder County is lucky to have her!."
Livermore, CA

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